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Debugging the Slow Way.


Changing languages.

So in my last article I wrote how I was doing Python nowadays instead of Ruby. 😭

It's been a lot easier than I originally thought it would be and I would say that a nice 😇 (or maybe not so nice 😈) side effect has meant my Javascript has significantly improved since the move too.

The main reason and the driving force for this has been the old skool and super boring way I've been debugging my problems in Python. There are tools similar to Ruby's Pry in Python such as PDB (Python De Bug???) but they are totally not the same or as flexible and that's mainly been why most of my cursing at work has been around "ahhhh damn you Python being so shitty!!!" whilst all my co-workers laugh at my never ending adoration for Ruby.

Back to School.

Yes, I've been using Print() A LOT!

and console.log() has been my go to for Javascript.

There is no updating the page and waiting for pry to stop my stuff and solving the problem in the console like I did for Ruby. I now have to think and refresh and then check it and then refresh and think and ALL THE THINGS I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO BEFORE.

I don't even remember what Pry was like anymore…

Anyway, going old skool can definitely improve your coding and if you really don't want to go to the trouble of adding Pry into your script/project for Ruby you can always use handy dandy put method.

Happy Coding! ❤️