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Future Plans in Self Development.

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Changes in my personal development.

Yesterday as I was scrolling through all my work in Github I remember reading this really awful article (won't even bother linking it) about how your Github profile is meant to determine how hard working you are in tech. This is a complete and utter fallacy by the way.

But it did get me thinking. I have a lot of public repos that are on display stupidly without licences but I guess they are automatically covered by copyright in Australia/Sweden (hopefully?) but still it's concerning. So I started changing them all to private repos. It took a while to do only because I had something like 30 repos of unfinished work. And I also had a lot of forks of other people's work that I was going to work on.

If you do work on private repos most of the time people can't see that on your Github so that's why I said it's a really stupid thing for someone to write in an article. Plus some of us use Bitbucket. 😅

So yeah if you haven't got licences on your work make sure you do that and don't take to heart that some people might seeing Github as a measure for how hard working you are.

Plans for this website.

I am planning on trying to write more next year on this blog. I know I've released a few articles here and there but I think maybe I should try and focus a bit more on what I've learnt especially since I'm now working in Python nowadays. Goodbye Ruby! 😭

It might be technical from now on. Although, I think it's important for me to focus on the social aspects of being in a dev community so this is a place for me to express those views too.

I've also decided to update this site to make it a bit more fresh but I think that might take a fair bit of time. Now that I've sorted out the backend to make writing articles super easy.

I'm also hoping to make this site a bit more interactive but I think that's going to mean I'll need to make the switch over to HTTPS and I still need to figure that out. 😂

So hopefully, in the New Year I'll live up to these super high expectations I've set for myself since I haven't been super involved in the physical community as much nowadays. 😉